“Mr. Blanchard delivers life changing messages. His speaking ability makes you feel empowered!”

Bryant George
Executive Director
Real Life 101

“He has a way of speaking, teaching, and resonating with people both young & seasoned.”

Robert Oden
College Coordinator
Skyline High School

“This was by far one of the best sessions we have experienced in 12 years!”

Lynda White, Esq
The Ark

“Shawn’s delivery has a great balance of depth and humor that consistently keeps the attention of the audience. Passion, grit and optimism in a way that leaves everyone eager to learn more.”

Vanessa Cheris
40th AL Conference Coordinator
University of Michigan
Ross School of Business

Shawn Blanchard is known for his passion to motivate others. For a decade he has spoken to hundreds of audiences across the country providing antidotes to the promise of mentorship. Through laugh-out-loud humor, engaging story telling, and practical applications of excellence, Shawn ignites crowds everywhere he goes.

Lost and Found: 45-60 MINS

“Lost and Found” is not simply a state of being, it’s a metaphor for listening to experts and mentors throughout one’s journey. In this presentation, Shawn explains the importance of what influences and voices to tap into and how to obtain and leverage mentors. Through laugh out loud humor and tugging at one’s emotions from his interesting life experiences Shawn will take you on a journey that will help you to:

  • Recognize the importance of positive peer influence
  • Learn how to quiet the noise of outside negative influences
  • Gain strategies on how to identify, obtain, and leverage mentorship

Topics covered: Self Confidence, Finding Passion, Mentorship

Opportunity Vision: 45 – 60 MINS

On our personal journeys, we encounter many obstacles. Some of these obstacles may be small and insignificant while others may be barriers to living our dreams. But how can one overcome any obstacle whether small of large? Through stories and personal experiences, Shawn teaches how to stay focused while leveraging obstacles. Through this interactive keynote, audience members will leave feeling challenged to:

  • Use their own experiences to understand the power of perspective
  • Be creative using their pain and passion
  • Implement and maintain positive habits to keep them on track

Topics Covered: Positive Perspective, Persistency and Consistency, Mentorship