Good people, here are four ways you can learn from my knowledge and experiences. These are listed in order of your level of investment.


  1. Follow me on social media. From my personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, you can follow my thoughts, initiatives and experiences. I believe in curating a universe where we partake in an overload of positive experiences that shape our perspectives and interactions in everyday life. What we deposit into our mind, body, and spirit is what we pour into the world around us! I would like to invite you to take control of your personal well-being by tapping into my network. Here you will gain a self-fulfillment that can be outpoured into the lives of others.


  1. Purchase my book. A print copy of my book can be purchased on Additionally, the ebook is available on platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple iBook. Throughout my book I display why I desire to heal the world through a strong leadership perspective, despite one’s origin or present day reality. Furthermore, the book explains how to build a strong mind by leveraging Mentorship as a tool to success.


  1. Book me as a speaker or host. With over 10 years of experience as a public speaker, I have been invited to speak nationwide on multiple platforms for corporations, conferences, churches, educational institutions, and nonprofits. If you would like to inquire about booking me as a speaker for an upcoming event, please feel free to email me with your event details and either myself or someone from my team will respond at our earliest convenience.


  1. Hire me to conduct a workshop. I’m passionate about applying a personal touch on my expertise by sharing my experiences about leadership, Mentorship, entrepreneurship, and the image of excellence. If you would like me to present to your organization feel free to connect with me!


You may have something else in mind outside of what’s mentioned above. Feel free to leave me a message and I’ll be more than happy to connect with you.