Mentorship is not a choice! It’s a birthright to receive it and a liferight to give it. Everyone is a student to some teacher. Choose your guru’s wisely.




  1. High School Seniors who have will be enrolled in a higher learning institution during the fall of 2017.
  2. Current undergraduate college students who are enrolled during the fall of 2017.


Application Period


  1. February 1st – June 15th, 2017.
  2. Every 15th of each month during the application period a high school winner will be announced.
  3. Every 1st of each month during the application period a college winner will be announced.




Part I. Record and post a 1 min video on Instagram answering one of the following prompts.

  1. Explaining a mentorship experience that positively affected your life.
  2. Why is mentorship important?
  3. Why would you like a mentor?


Part II. The video must have the hashtag #HowBoutThatScholarship, tag @shawntb, and state your college or high school.


Things to know


  1. Be compelling and authentic.
  2. The videos of every winner will be shared on @shawntb‘s IG page and followed up accordingly to authenticate eligibility.
  3. All winners will receive funds after the authentication process is successfully passed.
  4. Scholarships will be made out to (student) and distributed during the month of July.
  5. Every contestant voluntarily gives their consent to share and use content from their video once they apply to the More Mentor Scholarship.


Apply Now!!!