How ‘Bout That For a Crack Baby depicts the journey of a young man born in Detroit with drugs in his system, and engulfed in an environment with drug lords, poverty, thieves, death, loneliness, and a lack of guidance. Shawn’s man-child journey against the odds led him to two degrees, accolades, awards, and recognition…but most of all, service to ensure that many with similar life circumstances would have a pathway to success. His book is at once descriptive and prescriptive as Shawn uses his amazing life trajectory to inject how to maximize the promise of mentorship — solutions that he has personally employed with great success impacting the lives of black and brown boys in Detroit and across the nation.

“What Shawn accomplished in less than two years is truly remarkable,” said Mayor Duggan. “Thanks to his leadership, more than 5,000 young people got to experience the pride of having a job and got a glimpse of what their future might look like. I wish him the best of success with his new book and his continued service to Detroit.”

Michael E. Duggan
Mayor, City of Detroit